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Sharpen your product line selection, improve Total Cost of Ownership and boost procurement strategy with GIS solutions and expertise.

Procurement Engineering formely known as Argo Tech

Why do you need
procurement engineering?

The real challenge of any industrial process is building an optimized solution with the right products at the right value. Based on an in-depth analysis of your technical requirements and business needs, GIS’ lean approach helps you find better product solutions for your MRO and engineered purchases. Get access to a broad, consistent and reliable product service partnership.


Procurement engineers are experienced experts who thoroughly analyze your maintenance, repair and operations supplies (MRO). Acting as an extension of your team, the procurement engineers offer a comprehensive opportunity assessment to meet your industry targets, expand market reach and attain the expected results within your resources.


Product optimization is the key to achieving high performance processes and fewer maintenance activities. Use the advantage of product
standardization for reduced production line complexity, fewer costs and easier access to your tail spend supply.


Introducing procurement engineering will effectivelly benefit your technical purchases. With decadeslong technical and commercial experience, the GIS’ engineering teams can optimize your production process, increase your profit margins, and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Why partner with GIS?

Main GIS Client Partners

GIS has a deeply rooted partnership with all its strategic partners in procurement and supply chain services. Our diversified partnership represents a professional commitment to offering greater results, productivity, and cost savings features to all our customers.

Our primary clients include AC Boilers, API, Tirreno Power, Technip, Tecnimont, Solvay, ENGIE, Sorgenia, Nooter Eriksen, Termomeccanica SpA, Kinetics Technology, Flenco Fliud System, SIAD Macchine Impianti, Dipietro Group, Cameron, Fores Engineering, Saipem, Lukoil, Sol Group, Eni and many more.

We are always ready to serve across different industries to help you achieve
performance-driven process outcomes and operational optimisation.

Main GIS Product Partners:

Control & Pressure
Safety Valves

Soft & Metal seated
ball Valves

Tubing, Valves
& Fittings


Boiler Circulating

Heat Trace

Process & Heating


Industrial Controls
Parts & Service

Heavy Duty Motors
& Parts

Power Transmission

General Industry
Supply Packages and

Steam & Condensate

Trap Management

Circular ThermalSM by Armstrong

General Industry
Supply Packages and

Instrumentation Tubing, Valves & Fittings

HAVI brand was launched in 2007 backed by a manufacturing expertise and manufacturing experience of around 65 years. Based in Mumbai, driven by a quality-oriented culture and a customer driven approach, Havi is the only Indian company to be on the approved supplier list of renowned end user names such Adgas, Takreer, Petronas and many others.


Oil&Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Pulp&Paper, Mobility


Product List:
Instrumentation Compression Fittings, instrumentation Valves such as Manifold Valve, Needle Valve, Ball Valve, Double Block & Bleed Valve

Control & Pressure Safety Valves

With over 140 years of brand history as unparallel safety and reliable products’ reference for critical applications, Baker Hughes portfolio of durable control and pressure relief valves is one of recognized market leaders in industries like Power, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Refining.


Baker Hughes Brands are: Masoneilan, Consolidated, Becker and Mooney.


Power, Oil&Gas, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, General Industry


Product List:
Masoneilan: Rotary Control Valves, Globe Control Valves, Severe Service Valves, Isolation Valves, Digital Valve Positioners, Pneumatic Valve Positioners, Level Transmitters/Controllers, Actuators, Regulators. Consolidated: Safety Valves, Safety Relief Valves, Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valves. Becker: Anti Surge Valves, Pipeline Control Valves, Pilots, Regulators. Mooney: Regulators

Heat Trace Solutions

Thermon is a worldwide leader in industrial heating solutions, providing world class engineering and industry leading technology for any heat tracing needs.


Heat-tracing solution view:

  • Project Engineering Services
  • Thermal products and materials
  • Control & Surveillance Systems
  • Accessories
  • Expert advice and support
  • Construction and Field Service


Heat-tracing project and technical services view:

  • Field study
  • Quoting and Estimating
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Heat-tracing system design
  • Power distribution design
  • Drawings/Isometries/Specifications
  • Parallel design for control and power distribution
  • Project Management


Product List:
Electrical Heat Tracing Cables, Steam Trace Products, Heat Transfer Compounds, Tank Hopper, Heating System Accessories, Controls & Monitoring, Design Technology

Metal seated ball Valves

ValvTechnologies is the global leader in the design and manufacturering of metal-seated, zero-leakage, severe service valve solutions for the harshest applications such as high-temperature, high-pressure, high-cycling, abrasive, corrosive and caustic media conditions.


Since 1987, ValvTechnologies has maintained a culture of innovation by continuously expanding its design, production and technology capabilities providing an unsurpassed level of reliability to customers in various key industries.


Power, Nuclear generation, Oil&Gas, Mining, Petrochemical, Pulp&Paper.


Product List:
Metal Seated Ball Valves, Trunnion Ball Valves, Coking Valves, Switching Valves, Parallel Slide Gate Valves, Slurry Valves, HPAL & POx Autoclave Valves, Electronic Relief Valves, Double Block-and-Bleed Valves, Turbine Bypass System

Soft & Metal seated ball Valves

KACE Ball Valves was established in 1995 with the goal to become one of the most reliable, flexible, and quality-minded ball valve manufacturers in the world. The very first introduction into the market was their flanged floating ball valve line, sizes ½” thru 8”, ANSI classes 150-1500 to quickly move forward in 1997 with their NPT/SW line of ball valves in sizes up to 3” and pressures to 6000 psi.


Three-way ball valves in sizes thru 8” and ANSI classes thru 600lb were immediately followed by Kace full line of trunnion valves thru 48” and ANSI classes thru 2500.


The product range is completed with their metal seated and cryogenic valves up to 36”.


Oil&Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Pulp & Paper, General Industry


Product List:
Floating Ball Valves, Trunnion Ball Valves, Metal Seated Ball valves, Cryogenic Ball Valves, 3 piece Ball Valves, 3 way Flanged Ball valves, 3 way Threaded Ball Valves, High Purity Ball Valves

Pressure Tech

With an impressive 20 years of experience in manufacturing, Pressure Tech plays the most important role in supplying pressure regulators to our customers. Pressure Tech is known for its high-quality ISO-9001 accredited pressure regulators used in critical high-pressure control systems.


Fluid control system for oil and gas applications.


Product list:
High flow pressure regulators, back pressure regulators, hydraulic
pressure regulators, hydrogen fuel cell pressure regulators, diving pressure regulators, etc.

Process & Heating Systems

Thermon is a worldwide leader in industrial heating solutions, providing advanced heating and filtration systems, supporting client with safe temperatures preservation’s needs in heavy industrial and hazardous environment.


Heating Systems view:

  • Immersion heater
  • Engineered heating & filtration systems
  • Explosion-proof catalytic gas heater
  • Explosion-proof electric air heater
  • Advice and support from expert boilers and calorifiers


Explosion Proof Convection Heaters, Explosion Proof Duct Heaters, Explosion Proof Exhaust Fan, Explosion Proof Unit Heaters, Flanged Duct Heaters, Insert Duct Heaters, Washdown Heaters, Unit Heater, Air &Space Heaters, Boiler & Calorifiers, Elements and Specialty Heaters, Immersion Heaters, Enclosure Heaters, Filtration Systems, Methane Abatement, Engineered Filtration Systems,etc.


Product List:
Ruffneck®, Caloritech®, Cata-Dyne®, Norseman®, 3L Filters®.

Power Transmission Solutions

Lufkin Gears and Allen Gears are Baker Hughes businesses, providing high-performance reliable power transmission technologies and services to solve the unique needs of every application across industry segments.


Baker Hughes gearboxes solutions transmit power from engines, motors, turbines, and compressors in mechanical drive, turbo, Industrial, and marine propulsion applications around the world.


Baker Hughes products and services are known worldwide for dependability and performance that boost uptime and improve reliability while driving down maintenance costs.


Cement, Mining, Rubber/Tire, Plastic, Metal, Oil&Gas, Powergen, Marine, Hydropower, Air Separation


Product List:
High-Speed Epicyclic Gearboxes, High-Speed Parallel Shaft Gearboxes, Low speed Gearboxes, Gear Couplings, Integrally Geared solutions, Gear services.

Heavy Duty Motors & Parts

Wabtec drilling motors are engineered, manufactured and tested to withstand the harshest requirements and are synonymous with quality and reliability. With an installed base of more than 30.000 units worldwide, Wabtec has been trusted by Drilling Contractors for over 60 years as primary source for drill rig equipment AC & DC motor solutions.


Drill rig Draw works, Mud Pumps, Rotary Tables, Top Drives, Anchor-handling winches


Product List:
AC Air Cooled Motors (1150 HP (858 KW) 5GEB22 Series, 1600 HP (1193 KW) 5GEB28 & 5GEB29 Series, 2000 HP (1491 KW) 5GEB2000 Series)
AC Water Cooled Motors (1150 HP (858 KW), 5GEB1150W Series, 1300 HP (858 KW) 5GEB1300W Series, 2300 HP (1715 KW) Series Special.
DC Motors (1085 HP (810 KW) Series Wound 5GE752ARB High Torque, 1130 HP (858 KW) Shunt Wound 5GE752RB High Torque, 5GE752 ATEX Certified

Tubing Bundle

Thermon tube bundle solutions are designed to meet the most challenging applications requirements, from freeze protection to high temperature process maintenance heat tracing, providing proven products that meet or exceed specifications and constantly increasing regulatory requirements.


Tubing Bundle view:

  • Electrically Heated
  • Steam or Fluid Heated
  • Pre-insulated Tubing
  • System accessories.


Emission Monitoring Sampling, Steam Sample/Impulse lines to PT, Process & Emission Analyzers freeze protection/temperature maintenance, Hot/Cold liquid/gases transport, High Temperature Steam/Liquid transport, etc.


Product List:
Customer CEMS and Analyzer Sampling, Non-Insulated type NI, Tubetrace® type SEI/MEI-HT, Tubetrace® with BSX, Tubetrace® with FP, Tubetrace® with HPT, Tubetrace® with HTSX, Tubetrace® with MIQ, Tubetrace® with Sei/MEI-HTX/HTX2, Tubetrace® with VSX-HT, Tubetrace® type SI/MI, Tubetrace® type SP MP, Thermotube type SL, Thermotube type SL-HT/HTX/HTX2

Boiler Circulating Pumps

Hayward Tyler is a global leader in high performance industrial pumps and motors. With over 2,300 BCPs and more than 600 nuclear pumps installed in power plants across the globe, the company is known for its reliability and long-term durability of our fluid-filled motors and pumps, as well as the world-class service that supports its product line and legacy brands


Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Chemical Refinement & Processing, Nuclear, Renewables, Desalination


Product List:
Nuclear Pumps (Axial Mixed Flow Pumps, End Suction Pumps, Vertical Turbine Pumps, Double Suction Pumps, Reciprocating Plunger Pumps), Specialty Pumps and Motors (Subsea Motors, Submersible Pump and Motor Sets, Submersible Motors, Wet Stator Motor Pumps (BCPs), High-Temperature Pumps), Positive Displacement Pumps (Varley Gear Pumps), Canned Motor Pumps (Engineered Canned Motor Pumps, Canned Motor Retrofits, Standard, Reverse Circulation, High Temperature, Self-Priming, Slurry Handling, Multistage, High Pressure)

General Industry Supply Packages and Consumables

With over 50 years of global experience in supply chain MRO’s sourcing with primary focus on United States of America (USA) market, we support End Users, OEM’s and EPC’s as trusted partner who can help them to navigate the challenges of their supply chain efficiency.


Our mechanical and electrical engineers, sourcing specialist and supplier quality engineers work with clients’ teams to promote product consolidation, material standardization, kitting solutions and on- site vendor managed inventory programs. Our solution platform support our single or multi-factories clients’ with customized product catalogs to enhance their plant MRO’s RFQ’s and purchasing activity


Oil&Gas, Petrochemical Utilities, Pulp & Paper, Steel Production, Mining, Tyre & Rubber, Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, Container Terminals


Product List and Spare Parts:
Bearings, Thermocouples, Filters, Fasteners, Compressors, Turbines, Pumps, Valves, Power Transmission, Oil Mist Separators, etc.

Industrial Controls Parts & Service

With over 50 years of global experience as Channel Partner of the formerly GE Industrial Systems & Solutions, We provide Parts and Repair Services for all models of AC/DC Drives, HMI’s, CNC, CPU’s as well as GE Turbine & Excitation controls, generators, Vibration Monitoring.


Steel Mill, Ports, Pulp & Paper, Power, Oil & Gas


Supported Industrial Controls:
ABB, Allen Bradley, Alstom, Bently Nevada, Chemetron, Emerson, Foxboro, GE, Honeywell, Meggitt, Rolls Entronic, Siemens, Triconex, Westinghouse, and Woodward


General Electric Product List:
Mark II, Mark IV, Mark V, Mark 6, Mark Vie & VIeS, EX2000, EX2100, LCI,

Steam & Condensate Solutions

With more than a century of expertise, insight, and experience in managing thermal utilities, Armstrong is dedicated to enhancing the performance of thermal utility systems. Armstrong focus lies in optimizing efficiency, minimizing energy consumption, and mitigating environmental emissions for businesses of every scale:


Hydrocarbon, Chemical Processing, Power, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare


Steam Utilities Products:

  • Steam and Condensate Solutions – Steam traps and steam tracing equipment, testing and monitoring, strainers, air vents, liquid drainers and condensate recovery equipment
  • Hot Water Solutions – Hot water heaters, balancing valves, radiator products, mixing valves and hose stations
  • Heat Transfer Solutions – Heating and cooling coils, unit heaters, and tank heaters
  • Pressure/Temperature Control Solutions – Pressure reducing valves and temperature regulators

Trap Management Services

Armstrong’s specialists assess not only the entire steam system but also the specific demands of your facilities and industry. Whether the installed base is made of 10 or 10,000 steam traps, operate from one location or many, Armstrong experts excel in optimizing steam system management worldwide. Collaborating closely with End users, Armstrong trained professionals develop tailored steam trap management programs to enhance the reliability, efficiency, and safety of your thermal utilities while reducing your carbon footprint.


Hydrocarbon, Chemical Processing, Power, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare


Steam Trap Management:
We offer a complete range of solutions to address your needs, including:

  • Reliable, accurate trap surveys performed by Armstrong’s trained, certified technicians
  • Tools and training to help you conduct your own surveys more accurately and efficiently
  • Expert studies to assess one or more issues on your site
  • Energy audits to detect failed traps, determine the cause of any failures, and find ways to reduce your energy consumption
  • Operations and maintenance services to help you manage your utilities more effectively
  • Innovative products and technology for accurate system monitoring and effective steam trapping
  • Access to real-time data and deep, comprehensive insight into your thermal utility system
  • Detailed reporting, regular updates, and recommendations for trap replacements and system optimization

Circular ThermalSM by Armstrong and high temperature heat pump

Plant’s cooling systems and industrial processes release significant amounts of heat, which often goes to waste. Armstrong intervenes by capturing and recirculating this wasted heat within the factory, enhancing the thermal efficiency of end user’s facilities and diminishing your reliance on primary energy sources. This proactive approach not only reduces energy consumption but also plays a pivotal role in advancing the thermal decarbonization agenda of Client’s site. By decreasing, and sometimes even eliminating, the necessity for purchasing renewable energy, Armstrong helps reshape your site’s energy sustainability landscape.


Armstrong is able to provide a comprehensive and pragmatic roadmap towards decarbonisation of thermal utilities, by means of three steps:


  • Optimize Thermal System Efficiency Through Waste Heat recovery
    • Desteaming
    • Implementation of high temperature heat pumps to recover low gradient waste heat
      • Able to produce 120°C of hot water or steam at 1barg
      • Max thermal power: 2MW each unit
      • Low operating pressure: 15barg
      • Low GWP refrigerant compliance with F-GAS rules
  • Minimize Energy Demand from process
  • Decarbonize the Facility’s Primary Energy Sources