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The importance of Inventory optimization for Class C parts

Why Inventory Optimization should be a critical aspect in any cost savings exercise?

09 December 2023

The importance of Inventory optimization for Class C parts

Inventory optimization for Class C parts can significantly contribute to cost savings and operational efficiency, not only for multinationals but for all companies that have to deal with Class C parts – often operating on multi-site scale. How?

Class C parts typically represent a large portion of an organization’s inventory, comprising items with lower value and consequently lower attention.

On top of this, all these low-value articles are mostly stored locally in the individual plants.

The cumulative impact on overall inventory costs can be substantial.

By implementing advanced inventory optimization techniques, including pooling through standardization – as used by GIS International -, organizations can streamline their Class C part inventory, ensuring that stocks are optimized and reduced.

This prevents tying up excessive capital in inventory and avoiding obsolescence while minimizing carrying costs.

Through plant consolidation and standardization, efficient inventory management with VMI for Class C parts, will assist Procurement in heavily reducing costs related to production stops and downtimes.

At GIS International, we use our Inventory Management expertise to help companies substantially reduce their costs.

By leveraging inventory optimization strategies, organizations can unlock substantial financial benefits, improving their bottom line and ensuring a more agile and responsive supply chain.

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