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Argo Tech, a brand new GIS division


A brand new GIS division

23 November 2022

Argo Tech, a brand new GIS division

We are happy to announce the acquisition of Argo Tech, a former division of the US-based Argo Turboserve Corporation.

The acquisition includes the European entities as well as Sourcing and Operations support in the United States. Besides giving Argo Tech a worldwide presence, this will advance our strategy to expand our commodity knowhow and Procurement Engineering services.

Moreover, by integrating knowledge on commodities and the technological knowhow of the Argo Tech talents, we can offer our customers more value-added solutions.

Thanks to our global presence, including our Advanced Procurement Engineering, we will be closer to customers and vendors around the world.

In order to guarantee the continuity of our services, the current contact information for Argo Tech and GIS will remain the same, while we start leveraging the expertise in the two teams.

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